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Tuesday, January 10, 2012


We went to the pot luck supper last night.  Linda made a big pot of ham and beans and cornbread muffins.  There will be music in the park tonight. :)  They were very good.  Another fellow had trout that he and a friend had caught in Montana.  They were delicious also.  I saw a lot of vegetable dishes.  Linda said they were good.  I wouldn't know.  The cakes and pies were good.

After the potluck we played BINGO.  Linda won one game ($3.35) and that paid for our four cards.  You get two cards for a $1.00.

After BINGO we stayed and played nickle nickle.  It is kind of a form of rummy.  Costs 12 nickles and one quarter.  Linda won one hand and got seven nickles.  I won three hands and had low score at the end for a winning amount of $3.20.  Forget the casinos.  I am going to get rich playing games at the RV park.  LOL

Had our propane tank filled this morning for a little over $31.  So far since being down here we have spent just about $82 for propane.  That is a whole lot cheaper than it would have been in St. Joseph.

At 4:00 this afternoon they are having the annual meeting followed by drinks and a free dinner of BBQ.  I like free.

It's going to be cold here today in the upper 60s.  I guess I will put aside the shorts.  It is going to warm back up to the upper 70s tomorrow.  Wahooooo! 

Guess I will finish my book now and then maybe take a nap or a walk.

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