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Monday, January 9, 2012

Real food

We had lunch yesterday at Olive Garden.  Our son Donnie and his family had given us a gift card for Christmas.  It was delicious and I normally don't care for Italian food.

Without spending more than we wish it is hard to find anything that is not Mexican.  As much as I love it, it can get old.

We are both better.  Still coughing from time to time but much better.  We have started walking again.

I found out something about retirement.  I guess I have learned to not be in a hurry all the time.  I don't drive as fast and am not as aggressive.  It sometimes is not as fun, but I have dropped one of my high blood pressure medicines.  
The last couple of days we have ran the air conditioners for about three hours each day.  Then have to run the furnace early in the morning when we first get up just to take the chill off.

I had a company wash and had wax the motor home the other day.  They sent four guys.  They washed the roof along with the rest of the rig and then hand applied liquid wax.  It sure looks and feels better.  They charged $105 and took almost three hours.  The labor cost down here is really nice. 

We have been talking about going to South Padre Island again when the wind is not blowing as much as the last time.  We also want to go to Corpus Christi and look around.  We will probably use some of our Marriott reward points and stay in a motel for one or two nights.

We are still loving retirement and the weather down here.  That's it for now.

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