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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Don't Mess With Texas

Down here you will see signs that say "DON'T MESS WITH TEXAS".  They are talking about not littering.

So I am going to do a play on that phrase today.

Linda and I just got back from the gun range where she shot targets for the first time.  She did very good for her first time.  I wish I had done that good the first time but I didn't have anyone helping me.  Hey!  It is better than no excuse.

So now all I can say is DON'T MESS WITH DEAD EYE LINDA!!!

As you can tell, it is an indoor shooting range.  Which is a good thing since it is still raining off and on.

We were planning on going to Mexico yesterday and had to cancel due to rain and it is raining again today.  Hopefully we will get to go this weekend or early next week.  I am getting low on my blood pressure medicine. 

We made chocolate chip cookies yesterday.  Mmmmmmmmmm   Good.

Every Monday they have Senior Day all day long for $5.00 at one of the movie theatres.  So on this past Monday we went and saw "The Grey".  There were a couple of scenes that made me really jump.  The first time I jumped and my elbow slammed into Linda's left bicep.  I felt really bad and then the next time I jumped I did it again.  So I leaned completely to the other side so I wouldn't do it again.  She told me she was going to tell people I was beating on her.  But I really wasn't.  Movie review.  In our opinion, it was almost worth the $5.00.  We have definitely seen better.

That's it for now.

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