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Friday, February 10, 2012

A Run for the Border

We got a break in the weather today and went to Progreso, Mexico this morning.  We parked on the US side and walked over.

Bought a years worth of my blood pressure medicine, a years worth of Linda's stomach medicine, and 120 Amoxicillin pills.  Then we bought three blankets for a good friend.

I finally got to eat at a street vendors cart and it was wonderful.  Don't ask me what it was cause I don't know.  I saw some other people eating it and said I wanted the same thing.  It was roll that was deep fried, sliced open and had some kind of ground meat, lettuce, and avocado on it.  Delicious.  It has been four hours and no stomach problems.

This first picture is right after you get inside of Mexico.
This last picture is on our way home from the US side.  That is a fence between them and us.  Notice the big opening.  Farmers have crops on both sides so the is an opening for the farmer.  Hmmmmm?  I wonder who else walks through there.  Only we could do such stupid things.

We really enjoyed this trip.  Linda learned how to simply say no to all the peddlers and beggers instead of smiling and wanting to talk to them.  Plus the walk did us good.  This time last year neither one of us could have walked this far. 

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