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Monday, March 5, 2012


We decided to stay another night in Branson.  We drove up to Ozark, Missouri for lunch at Lambert's (Home of the throwed rolls).  Don't ask and I won't tell how many hot rolls I ate.  At least I caught mine and didn't get hit in the side of the head like I saw one time.  LOL

We took another drive down 76 in Branson and following are some pictures.

Notice the windows are gone and curtains are hanging out.
Most of these pictures were taken while driving and I could not stop due to traffic so some don't show what I wanted.
If you have been to Branson, this is the auto museum.  The car on top of the sign use to be a convertible with doors.  Now there are no door and no top.  Most of the windows of this entire area are gone with a lot of damage.
They will be ready for the tourists.

This is just a small amount of the damage done to the new Hilton down by the lake.  We could see people inside where those two holes are.

There was a lot of damage but clean up is going really well.

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