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Saturday, March 17, 2012

More Trout

It has been an enjoyable weekend.  My brother did make it down.  He stayed with us Friday and Saturday night.  My niece, Sara and her husband, Todd were at their travel trailer across the highway at another campground and came down at the same time as my brother.  We all fished and each of us caught some trout.

Todd showed me how to filet trout.  He does an excellent job.  My job is not nearly a pretty, but they will taste good.  My brother told me what we had did wrong when we cooked the other ones so we are ready again.  We not have three of them that have been fileted in the freezer.

All that I have caught have been on my ultra-light spinning rod.  I haven't caught anything on the fly rod yet, but I will.  We probably won't fish again until Wednesday.

I think we are driving to St.Joseph on Tuesday to have supper with my youngest son for his birthday.  Hopefully we can get haircuts Wednesday morning before driving back.

What a beautiful weekend we have had.  Nice temperatures and very little rain.  There were a lot of people at the park over the weekend due to the nice weather.

If we get to Kansas City in time, we are going to try to go past Harold's and have lunch.  I sure could use a good tenderloin.  Had one in Lebanon earlier this week.  They said they had the best in town.  All I can assume is that there are no good tenderloins in Lebanon. 

Time for bed.

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