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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Trip home

We left yesterday morning and drove home to get hair cuts and take our son out for his birthday.  We took him, his wife and three kids and we all had a very good time.  We spent the night at their house and then  drove back down to our motor home by Bennett Spring State Park today.

When we got here there was a sign at the west entrance that the bridge was closed so we went to the east entrance and drove down to the spring and stream.  WOW!  There was muddy water flowing across the road at the spring and the water around the spring was about 12 inches from the road.  The handicap bridge and two handicap jetties were covered by water.  We had never seen the water so high and moving very fast.  Yet, there were people fishing and some of them were catching fish.  I won't fish when it is like this.

On our trip down we saw quite a few ponds, creeks, and rivers that were overflowing. Where we are parked is up on a hill with no chance of flooding and no chance of us getting blocked from leaving.

We had considered saying a second month but it was nice seeing the family and we will be going back to St. Joseph the first part of April.

I could not believe our grandson Jordan.  He has lost close to 100 pounds and really looks good.  His brother Kane is working with weights and starting to tighten up and lose some inches also.  The weight will come later.  The whole family is working at cutting back and losing some of the excess.  We are very happy and proud of them.

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