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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Settling In

Well, we are settling in at our site at Sharp RV Park in St. Joseph, Missouri.  It has been real nice seeing our family in St. Joseph and our long time friends Tony & Trudi, and the friends we had made at Sharp's the last time we were here.

I took one of my grandsons for his first driving lesson yesterday.  He did far better than I had expected.  I didn't yell or jump at any time.  It was parking lot driving with a lot of turns, looking before turning, speeding up and slowing down.  I was pleased enough that I will do it again.  Job well done Jordan.

Got the bugs washed off the front of the motor home and took the car to the car wash.  Got the gas grill hooked up and the lawn chairs out and now it is raining.  Everyone here says we brought the colder weather and now they will blame the rain on me.

I am hoping to go fishing next week.  I hear they are catching crappie at Monzingo by Maryville and I also want to try Happy Holler up past Savannah.  Some crappie filets would really taste good.

My knee that I hurt at Bennett Springs is feeling better.  It is still sore but not as bad.  I am working at walking without a limp.  Getting old has it's disadvantages.

That's it for now.

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