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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Attended the Van Halen Concert

My grandson and I did attend the Van Halen concert at the Sprint Center in Kansas City last night.  And what a great night it was.

The starting group was Cool And The Gang.  I had never heard or seen them before.  I think they were good if that is what you like.  Some of their moves and songs were pretty good.  The band pieces were good.  This was not my style of music and I did not hold my interest, but the beer was good.

I was newly married and we did not pay a lot of attention to music or groups in those early years.  So, I was never a fan or not a fan of Van Halen or lead man David Lee Roth.  I was totally caught by surprise at the level or music and performance by David Lee Roth and the band.  I was very pleased with the entire performance.  I even recognized many of the songs. 

My grandson said that Roth was 57.  He signs and moves like a man much younger.  Edie Van Halen blew me away with his solo.  WOW!!!  If you want to see a master of his craft, don't miss him.

I emailed my son early this morning and thanked him for allowing me to go with his son.  I will not soon forget it.

This was by far the best concert I have been to.  I have been to four of the Rockfest concerts in Kansas City, The Ozzy concert at the Sprint Center in Kansas City, and Jackyl at the Midland in Kansas City.

No cameras were allowed and my phone is a piece of crap so the pictures on it were worthless.

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