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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

New Ink

A little history.  From the time my first grandson (Jordan) was old enough to hold his head up I would sit with him on my lap and play kid games on the computer.  He passed me on abilities on PCs at an early age.  During that time and even though it embarrasses him I have always called him "My Bestest Buddy In The Whole World".  I know there is no such thing as bestest.

Over the last few weeks we have worked on designing a tattoo for him.  Yesterday he went with me and watched while I got it.  The tattoo artist and my friend Chris Berry of Flying Pig Tattoo on Edmond street in St. Joseph, Missouri told him that it was our tattoo, but really it was his tattoo on my body.

Here it is:

Jordan videoed parts of it on his phone.  He is going to try to get the video to me and if I can figure out how, I will put it in a later blog entry.

I am very pleased with it even though it is a little touchy today.

I have designed one for his brother and sister with will go on each side of the earth to tie the family together.  I am not sure when I will get them done. 

Tomorrow afternoon we are taking our granddaughter with us and taking a trip to South Dakota and maybe North Dakota to check out some campgrounds  We would like to stay further north for two or three months if we can find somewhere with things around it and a reasonable price.

That's it for now.

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