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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Water Softner

Today was a busy day,  I have had a small leak where my outside water goes into the motor home with there is nothing hooked up to it.

I bought a new connection and put it on.  No leak now.  Wheeeee!

I also bought a portable water softener and installed it.  It will soften 800 gallons of water before I have to recharge it.  It takes one pound of household salt to recharge.  When I took a shower I could sure tell the difference.

Tomorrow (Friday) morning Linda are going to drive down to Kansas City and visit the people I use to work at when I worked for Clarkson Construction Company.  I have missed many of the people I use to work with.  I do have to say that I much prefer missing them to still working.

Rockfest is only 15 days away.  Yeah, this 66 year young man still loves rock music.

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