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Monday, April 23, 2012

Latest Excitement

Got to my son Duane's house Saturday morning at 7:00 a.m.  He had a garage sale and I helped him.

End result was over $600.  When we owned this house and had a garage sale and he would bring stuff over we would sell less that $150 and he always sold $500 or $600 worth.  I guess he had better junk than us.  By the way, Duane had over 500 DVDs in his sale.  He has about 400 left.  They were selling for $3.00 each or five for $10.  If you are interested in any he has you can contact him or me and I am sure you could get good prices.  There are some really good ones left along with some Disney.

Yesterday was my birthday.  Happy birthday David.  I spend most of the day sitting on the throne.  I had to flush the ole body out for my Colonoscopy this morning.  The good news is that everything looked good.  I was somewhat awake through much of it and could see the camera moving through the colon.  That was pretty cool.  I wouldn't want to be a doctor or nurse that does this because they have to deal with a bunch of assholes all day.

No!  I am not going to share any pictures of it with you.  :)

That's all for tonight.  The meds are making me sleepy again.

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