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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

What a Beautiful Day

What a GREAT day.  After a short rain storm around 8:00 a.m. the sun came out and temperatures went to the upper 70s. 

Linda had doctor appointments early this morning.  When she got home we bought some minnows and went to Happy Holler to fish for crappie.  Linda caught five bass and I caught three bass.  We threw them back.  They were so small we felt like we were kidnapping someone's kids.  But it was still fun.

Tomorrow Linda has a dental appointment in Kansas City early in the morning so we will probably eat lunch down there.  If we have the time, we will go past Clarkson so I can say Hi to everyone there.

On another note, Linda finished reading "The Hunger Games" a couple of days ago and I have started it now.  It looks like I will enjoy it.  I already know who gets it next so please don't ask.  LOL  After I finish it, we will go see the movie.

Idol is on now, so "That's All Folks!"

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