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Monday, April 16, 2012

Interesting Weekend

WOW!  Does the wind blow in Northwest Missouri?  It sure does.  While I was sorry to hear of the deaths and damage from tornadoes in the Midwest I have to say I was happy to watch most of the really bad stuff go North and South of us.  Before the wind picked up I had put our awning away and turned the tables we have outside upside down so the wind wouldn't catch them as easily.  We had some wind and leaves but nothing bad.

The RV park we are at has a basement under the Manager's house where we can go if necessary.  No one found it necessary and we were thankful for that.

Temperature yesterday was very nice and then last night it dropped again. 

This week is pretty full for us.  Linda has doctor appointments today and Wednesday and a dental appointment of Thursday.

My birthday is this coming Sunday (the 22nd) and my colonoscapy is on Monday so I don't get to eat real food on my birthday.  But I do get to drink all kinds of nasty stuff to prepare.  Occasionally we have to go through these things.

Now for a bid of humor even though it is a shame it happened.  What happened to the secret in the name Secret Service.  It's not a secret this time.

I better stop today before I say anything that I shouldn't.  LOL

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