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Friday, June 8, 2012

2012 Vacation-Utah, Colorado and on home

We drove to Monument Valley to look around and take some pictures.

Many years ago I worked for Adventist Health Systems and Linda and I went to Monument Valley where I installed a computer system at the Adventist mission hospital located there.  These are some of the cliffs around the hospital.  The mission hospital is no longer there.  Times change.  An interesting bit of information is that many of the Adventist don't eat meat.  The hospital did not serve meat to any of the employees.  Now if you know me, I eat meat.  Two weeks of eating cereal, eggs, salad and fruit for breakfast and lunch and then we would drive to the nearest town (Kayenta) where at that time they only had a pizza place.  A person can get tired of pizza, but it is better than the alternative. 

We drove out to the valley with plans to drive the loop of all the sights but did not wait in line since we were still going to Four Corners.  Here are a few pictures.  Monument Valley has been in many western movies.

Our next stop was Four Corners.  This is where Utah, Arizona, Colorado, and New Mexico all meet up.  If you wanted to, you could put you feet in two different states and you hands in two others at the same time.  I don't know if this is true or not, but I have heard that the locals have been know to urinate on the spot and then  laugh when all the tourists do this.  It may or may not be true, but I'm not putting my hands down there.

We bought Amaya another necklace and Jordan a ring here from the local people selling their wares.

Amaya said no to putting her hands down.

Jordan wasn't up  for it either.

We spent the night in Pueblo, Colorado and then went to Mesa Verde and drove all the way home.

As you probably figured out, Mesa Verde is in Colorado.

There was a fire there a couple of years ago.  There was quite a large area like this, but everything is coming back.  There were still many areas where the fire did not go.

This next shot Linda took out the window as we were driving.  We just thought it was pretty.

What the heck is that you  might ask.

That is the result of driving over two miles through swarms of grasshoppers.  Yuck!

Hello Kansas

We didn't get a picture of the Missouri sign.  That is where we started and where we ended.  Counting Missouri it was eight states in eight days.  It was very tiring but well worth it.  The kids got to see things that they may never have gotten to see.

We hope all your trips are just as safe and enjoyable.

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