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Monday, July 2, 2012

Definition of a Real Man

What is a real man?  That would be me.  LOL  Linda and I went to the movies and saw Magic Mike today.  There was one teenage boy and me in the theater with a bunch of women.  When we walked in and walked in front of about 10 ladies probably in their 40s I said "I'm with her."  They all laughed.  I guess I am comfortable with myself.

Really guys, it was not a bad movie.  I didn't appreciate when their butt cheeks showed, but that was only a short time.  There were quite a few female breasts that showed up.  I have to say, they did not make me uncomfortable.  It was not all sex.  It actually had a pretty good story line.  Come on guys and be a man.  Take you wives to see it.  Besides, the popcorn was good.

If you want to read a review, click below:

Five reasons why straight dudes will like "Magic Mike".

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