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Monday, July 2, 2012


We finally got some rain yesterday.  We had down pours and then some just steady light rain.  The humidity really jumped up.  This morning it is 83%, but everything has really greened up.

Before the rain started yesterday we mixed up a double batch of chocolate chip cookies with black walnuts in them.  Then we went up to the house and used their oven.  With our oven in the motor home we can only bake nine at a time.  We baked 24 at a time using their oven.  The owners or suppose to be coming in some time today so we left them a zip lock bag of cookies along with a note welcoming them home.

I filled the bird feeders again this morning and those little hogs are eating as fast as they can.  Went down and fed the fish.  I now have them trained.  They see me coming and it looks like a bunch of sharks coming at me.  All of the fish seem to be growing, especially the catfish.  I know one of them has to weigh close to 15 pounds.  He could swallow my hand.  I have now seen five turtles eating at one time.  They are red eared sliders.  The red eared slider is very common in this area and are quite pretty.

I saw the fawn again this morning.  It has really grown and runs fast.

Have a GREAT day everyone.


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