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Tuesday, August 14, 2012


My brother-in-law told my wife he has figured out what we do down here.  We go to the movies and eat.  Ha Ha

How true.

Well, we went to eat for lunch again today.  We went to the Y.O. Ranch Resort restaurant here in Kerrville.  They have a buffet every day and today was bbq.  They had a salad bar that was one of the best I have eaten at for awhile.  I also had a small bowl of Beef tortilla soup.  Yummy

For meats they had wonderful brisket, sausage, St. Louis short ribs, and chicken.  I only had one piece of each and they were all very good.  Linda had some of the scalloped potatoes and said they were good.  Neither of us had the corn on the cob but it looked good.

I also had a small spoon of pinto beans and jalapeno cornbread.

Now for the desert.  Most buffets have lousy deserts.  Not here.  Linda had a small piece of pecan pie and I had a piece of german chocolate cake and double chocolate cake.  We also had delicious canalope, watermellon, and strawberries.

The meal was $10.45 which included our ice tea.  It was well worth the price.

Before going to eat I worked on the part of the tree that broke off  the other day.  I don't really like chain saws so I used a hand saw and cut it into smaller pieces.  In the coming days I will pick up and stack the pieces.

This drought is really taking a toll on the creek.  There is no more fresh water coming into it but we do have several deep holes.  I hope they hold up until the rain comes so the fish don't die.  Time will tell.

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