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Saturday, August 11, 2012

The movies

We went to the movies twice this week.

The first time we saw Total Recall. Of course it was thrilling with all the action but in my opinion just an average movie.

Yesterday we saw Bourne Legacy. I had read some reviews prior to going and agreed with them. The action scenes were VERY good but not a real story line in my opinion. Also the whole movie doesn't run together smoothly.

Would I recommend these movies? Yes. If you like action, they are both entertaining and besides, they have good popcorn at the movies.

We had a lot of wind for about 45 minutes last evening. We had our awning out and the straps held it firmly. We thought about putting it up, but were afraid it would get away from us in the wind. So we just stood outside and watched it. All is well.

There was one tree down by the picnic table that had the top broken out of it so I know what I will do the first part of next week.

I am getting where I like this physical type of work after all those years of sitting at a computer programming. I am sweating and actually losing weight. It is slow, but that is alright. The end result is what counts.

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