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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Trip to the RGV

We got up early Tuesday morning and drove down to the Rio Grande Valley.  We checked in at Canyon Lake Rv Resort where we will be workkamping this winter.  Everything is still a go.  Each of us will work 12 hours a week in exchange for our site and all utilities including electric.  Some weeks we might work more than 12 hours and it accumulates so that you take more time off at a later time.  We are really excited.  We love where we are but are looking forward to this opportunity also.  No utilities or rent means saving money. 

We ate supper at Papadeaux's and were stuffed.  Spent the night at the Comfort Inn  in Mission, Texas and then I ran out and got us a couple of breakfast tacos the next morning.  The breakfast at the motel we decided to skip.

We drove through Holiday Village RV Park and were shocked.  It was like a ghost town.  Almost no one is there.  In Florida they call the people from the north that come down for winter snow birds.  In Texas they call us Winter Texans.  We knew that most people did not come down until October or later but were did not realize how sparse it would be.  The giant flea market called DonWes is not open and the traffic was much better.  We still enjoyed driving around.

We stopped at Rudy's and picked up a pound of moist brisket to take with us.  We also stopped at Delia's and bought three dozen tamales.  Rudy's is some of the best BBQ we have found.  Delia's only makes tamales.  They are always busy and I love the tamales.  We got one dozen pork and two dozen spicy chicken.  I wanted a dozen spicy pork but they were out.

On the way back home we stopped at a rest area and had brisket sandwiches for lunch.  Got home, unlocked everything, fed the birds and fish and put corn out for the deer.  We had four of the deer show up.

It was nice to get away for an overnight trip but it is really nice to be back to our normal day to day life.

I got up this morning and did a little mowing down by the picnic table which is by the creek.  Next week I hope do take the weed whacker down and do a little more trimming.

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  1. Once you get to the RGV this Fall, EL PATO for breakfast tacos is a local staple. Grew up in the RGV and left after 30 yrs. Enjoy.