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Friday, January 11, 2013

Quicky Update

1.  It is six days later and we still have not heard from anyone with the Choice Hotels organization about our bad experience at the Comfort Inn in Kingsville, Texas.

2.  Here is a picture of the longes that I brought from a street vendor in Progreso, Mexico.  Linda, Jordan and I ate and enjoyed them.  They take a bun/roll and put it in hot oil, then slice it open, put hamburger, lettuce, tomato, cheese, and a slice of avocado in and on it.  They were five for $4.00.

3.  We bought a hair cutting kit and Linda gave me my first haircut this afternoon.  The kit cost right at $30.  A haircut here in the park cost $10 plus I give a $2 tip.  So I now I am one and a half haircuts away from having it paid for.  I thought she did a very good job.  Here is a picture.

4.  Yesterday the car was acting funny.  I would get weird messages on the message display and sometimes it acted like it was not going to start.  This morning it did not start.  We went to Auto Zone and bought a battery and they installed it.  He checked my starter and alternator and all checked out.  So we are happy now but $124 more out of the bank account.

5.  Went past the place that has our motor home and looked inside.  They vinyl is down and looks good.  They were in the process of putting the carpeting in the bedroom.  He said he thought they would be finished on Tuesday.  We are really excited.

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