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Sunday, January 20, 2013

We got the motor home back

Bert Ogden said it would take seven or eight days to fix the floor of our motor home and we got it back on the eighth day.

The main damage was to the foam under the floor.  They did not have to pull the cabinets.  The cut out the damaged parts of the plywood and the foam under it and then put in extra metal support under it.  Back in with new plywood and then the carpeting and vinyl.

I also had them fix a problem we had with our TV antenna and replace the main flushing part on the toilet.

Overall we are very happy with the job they did.  We see a few flaws, but are not unhappy.  It is better than it was.

Here are a few pictures.

From the bedroom looking forward.  New vinyl.

Here is the new carpeting for the front.  It looks a lot better than it did.

We had them take out the chair that use to be there.  Later we will put a recliner in that spot.

Here is the carpeting on the slide.

And last but not least from the door back.

The vinyl also goes on back to the door of the bedroom and into the bathroom.  The bedroom got new carpeting also.

Our old carpet was green and as you can see, the new is brown.

The coach should last us for many more years we hope.

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  1. Occasionally, there is a benefit to something breaking and a good insurance company. Well done.