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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Getting closer to departure

Yesterday Linda and I finished closing up the final two park models for the summer months.

This morning the manager of the park, Mary, and I went through all the units to see what was needing done to them this summer.  I turned in our final time sheet and the keys to all 29 units.

Then this afternoon Linda and I made another trip to Mexico for some more meds to get us through the summer before we get back here.  When we got back, we went to Taco Ole for a late lunch and early supper.  Both of us partook of the buffet.  Like always, it was delicious.  Ended it with ice cream.  Mmmmmm good.

Tomorrow I plan on defrosting both of our refrigerators and getting the small one moved from our shed to inside the motor home.  It holds our diet coke and beer and a few other things.

That's it for this time except I will mention that it is now 4:45 PM and the temperature is 78 degrees.  It was a cooler day with mostly clouds and a little rain earlier.

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