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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

We have arrived

This is just a quick update. 

After 1096 miles, three days of seven plus hours we have arrived at Sharp RV Park.  We will probably be here three weeks.

When we got here we had a couple of nice surprises.  We are in the spot we were in when we were here last year and when we tried to pay for our stay we were told the Good Fairy had come by and paid for it for us.  It ends up that our son Donnie had come by before we got here and paid for two weeks.  What a blessing that is.  In case you read my blog Donnie,  thanks! 

It is nice that some of the people we kind of hung out with are still here so we are not in a place of strangers.

I have to go see my tattoo guy today so he can start designing my next tattoo which will be the names of Donnie's three children and an emblem for each of them.  If you have read my blog you know that I already have Duane's three kids on my right forearm. 

That is it for now.

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