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Monday, May 6, 2013

5/6/2013 - Mushroom hunting and misc.

Precious and I went mushroom hunting.  I was told that often you can find mushrooms down this old railroad track.

She was really excited to get to go with daddy.  It was a daddy and daughter outing.  I soon found out she is a city lady and did not enjoy going into the woody area or the long walk.

Here she is saying, "Can we go home now?".

And here are some pictures of some of the birds around here.  These first ones are come kind of duck I think.  They have a body shape like a Ginny Fowl with a kind of black body and white bill/beak.

These two guys or gals are at the main lake.  They are really cool looking when they fly.  When they are standing on the shore they have long legs and necks and must be about four foot tall.

As you have noticed, I don't know the names of birds yet and don't know that I will learn too many of them.

I also need a better camera for these type of pictures, but don't see it in the budget.

Have a good evening.

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