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Monday, May 27, 2013

5/25/2013 - Some Times Life Sucks

Our son Duane and his wife took the weekend to go with a group of friends on a float trip.  Linda went to the house to keep the kids from having parties.  Two boys 17 and 16 and one daughter 12.  I stayed here with the dog. 

All went well Friday night, Saturday and Sunday.  Sunday night it rained and we have another leak.  I hate that shit.  This morning it was my turn to open the Visitor's Center.  I took the dog out to potty.  The little bitch walked me over two miles and never did pee or poop.  Back to the RV we went.  I got ready to go the the Visitor Center and took her out again.  She just looked at me like I was stupid.  You know how women can look at men sometimes.  I put her in her crate and left.

I called the Office Manager of the refuge and he said to shut it down due to the weather.

I got back to the RV and when I opened the door the stench just about knocked me over.  The bitch shit and pissed and then sat in it.  I hate when she has to prove a point.  She went to the bath tub and got a bath.  The crate went outside and got washed.
Now I am glaring at her and she is sitting on the couch pouting.  Do all dogs pout when they do something wrong and get in trouble for it?

I still love her but am not going to show it for awhile.  I will let Linda love on her when she gets home.  Thank goodness she is on the way.  I told her to drive safely because of all the rain.  It is only a hour and a half drive and the highway she will be on should be fine.  Some of the roads around here have been having flooding.

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