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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

6/18/2013 - Grandson totaled his truck

Here is the best reason to get a really big vehicle for your kids as their first car.  My Grandson, Kane, bought it with his own money, paid to get it fixed up, new tires, license, and insurance (liability).  He got to drive it for six days before last night.

He got a little banged up and needless to say, totaled the car.  But thankfully no one with with him and he hit a tree.  I have not seen pictures of the tree but I hope it looks almost as bad.

His story is that he was going 30 mph and was blinded by some one's bright lights.  What the heck it is a story.  Where he messed up is he told the officer that he didn't have his seat belt on.  Yes, honesty is the best thing, but come on.

I told him I was glad he was okay, but I heard that withe Afghan was slowing down I heard they were selling some of their tanks and that might be a good replacement.

Who says I don't have mercy? 

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