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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

6/18/2013 - There is a first for everything

I can't count the number of years I have had a email account with  Let's just say quite a few.

Yesterday I finally got my email hacked.  How?  Beats the heck out of me.  But I have myself as one of my contacts and I got a email with my name in the subject line and it went to the other 51 contacts.  There was a link in it to some kind of ad.

I ran a couple of virus programs on my computer and one malware program and none of them found anything.  I changed my password on Yahoo and hope that all is well now.

Today we received in the mail the Thundershirt that we ordered for Precious.  She has been having Anxiety problems when we leave her in the motor home, her crate, or the car.  She did not use to have these, but it seems as though since she has been with us so much they have started up.  The reviews are really good on this shirt.

We put it on her tonight and she seemed to like it.  Tomorrow we will put in on her and take us when we go to eat.  We will see how she does while we are out of the car.   No.  No.  No.  We don't leave her in a hot car.  If it is cool enough we crack the windows.  If it is hot, we leave the car running with the air on.

You can call me Mr. Mom.  Today I washed windows at the Visitor's Center.  I got the first three layers off and they look a lot better.  You can look out them now and not wonder if the sun is shinning or not.  Just joking.

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