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Sunday, June 2, 2013

6/2/2013 - Free at last. Free at last.

Whoopee!  We are free at last.

When  I got up this morning I walked over to the entry road and low and behold the road had no water going over it.  The farmer next to us had already removed the limbs and trash from the road so it was passable.

The road was in very good shape with the exception of two places where the flood water had washed it out.  There is still room to drive out.  Since these pictures I have put orange cones around the washed out areas so nobody should drive off the road.

Then this afternoon I mowed for another 3 1/2 hours.  When the guys come in tomorrow morning the refuge will be in much better shape than they expect.

We are not forecast for anymore rain until tomorrow night and then only 30 per cent.

We drove in to Brookfield this morning for breakfast and bought some more groceries.  I was getting short on popcorn.  Good grief, we can't run out of popcorn.

Tomorrow I will weed eat around our motor home and we plan on putting Sevin Dust down for the ticks.

Good night all.

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