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Friday, September 20, 2013

2013-09-20 - David the klutz

I was klutzy when I was younger, but it seems to get worse as I get older.

Yesterday morning I moved to the couch because my back was hurting and I didn't want to wake Linda up.  At about 5:30 I was sleeping really good and I hear the dog jump off the bed and come running to the door.  She has had loose bowels so I got up quickly and let her out.  When I started out, I was still half asleep and didn't have my glasses on.

Luckily I had the golf cart parked out in front of the door because I missed the bottom step and fell.  Instead of falling further and landing on the concrete I fell into the golf cart and hid my shin really hard.  I took a good amount of skin off of it and was bleeding like a stuck pig.  Like last year it filled my croc up but at least did not spurt.  It just flowed.  I got the bleeding stopped and by that time Precious had finished her business.  I got her back in the house and got the flashlight so I could find her poop and bag it up. 

It looked like a crime scene with bloody footprints on the patio and drive way so I got some of the mess cleaned up and later when I could see I used the hose to wash it all down.

Today it is pretty ugly and getting sore like a deep bruise.  Oh well, it could have been worse.  I am learning that I need to go slower and watch things better than I did in my younger years.

Tonight is Texas Hold em night.  I really appreciate Linda letting me play.  I enjoy it and it gives her some alone time. 

I saw this on Face Book and thought I would share it.  It is so true.

That's it for this time.

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