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Monday, October 7, 2013

2013-10-07 - Retirement What Do You Do All Day?

Well, on Sunday we watched the Kansas City Chiefs win their fifth straight game.  They are now five and zero.  Not bad at all after only having two wins all of last season.

For the last six days I have worked on the following:

This one was a little difficult but I enjoyed the challenge.  This is the fourth one I have put together or helped put together since being down here.

Friday there were only six of us that played Texas Hold em.  I got real lucky on a couple of hands and came out in first place.  $5.00 buy in brought $15 in winnings.  The money is not the important part.  It is just a fun group of people.

Today when I got up it was 56 degrees and is suppose to get up to 93 this afternoon.  When it started warming up I turned on the air conditioning and found out the the front air fan does not work.  We have two air conditioners so we are running the one in the back and blowing the air to the front.  I called a mobile RV repairman that has done a lot of work in our park and he is coming out tomorrow.

There are thousands of butterflies coming through.  Most of them are small and orange and black.  A few are a little larger and yellow.  They are kind of like swarms of grasshoppers.  I tried to get a picture but they won't hold still for me.  That was a joke.

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