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Friday, October 18, 2013

2013-10-18 - The winter season is starting in the RGV

It has started.  This week we have seen five or six couples come into the park. 

On Wednesday our friends Roy and Ruby came.  They had worked as gate guards at one of the oil rigs over the last six months.  They brought their 5th wheel here and parked it while they will go home in their car for a week or two and see their grand babies.  We went to breakfast with them on Thursday morning at one of their and our favorite restaurants, DIAZ Diner in Mission, Texas.

Wednesday night they came over to our patio and visited.  We ended up with a total of ten people and four dogs.  A good time was had by all, including the dogs.  It was good friends all talking at the same time and just having a great time.  Of course there were a couple of beers and some had mixed drinks. 

It has amazed Linda and I how you can get so attached to people that you see one season a year, but you sure do. 

With the influx of people coming in, four of them are our regular poker players so our poker games will have more players now.  It has been fun, but it will be more fun with more people.

Yesterday was a wonderful day as far as the temperature.  When I first got up it was in the mid sixties and late afternoon got into the lower eighties.  I worked on putting together furniture in one of the park models and just had the window open instead of having to run the air conditioner.  I put together a table and chairs and two night stands.  Yes!  Everything fit and the drawers work as they are suppose to.  lol

Linda and I both had doctor appointments on Wednesday morning.  I got a call yesterday that my cholesterol was questionable and I needed to watch what I eat.  I already do.  I watch it all the way from my plate to my mouth.  All joking aside, I am going to work on eating healthier.

We found out Linda was full of SHIT.  Seriously, she is compacted and now taking stuff to clear everything out.  It's a slow moving process but things are getting better. 

She had not been feeling right for a couple of weeks and we were both worrying about it.  This settled our minds and she is feeling better each day.

I have groused you out with that last part so I will end this session.  I mainly posted that for our family so they would know things were looking better.

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