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Sunday, October 27, 2013

2013-10-27 - Mexico and other stuff

I went to Mexico yesterday to get medication for our dog.  I went to both pet pharmacies and neither one of them had it so we will have to get vet down here and get it from him.  We needed to get one anyway.

I did get a bottle of 1800 Tequila and a case of Bud Light.  Then I had taken a picture of the Kansas City Chiefs helmet with me and had a man paint the helmet on three spoons that have the handle bent so that it makes a stand.  They look really good.

Since Linda has not been feeling good she and Precious went with me but waited on the US side until I got back.  We then stopped at a little restaurant called Nana's.  Linda had a casadilla that they called a large taco and I had five lonches.  They are rolls smaller than a hot dog bun that are sliced from the top, fried, and stuffed with ground beef, cabbage, tomato, and a avocado and some cheese.  They are delicious.  We had to get a box to  bring food home and had the rest for supper.

Linda and I earlier in the week made appointments for our colonoscopy.  Mine is on the 31st.  They had the Halloween party scheduled for that night which would have worked out fine.  But there was a conflict and it is now scheduled for the 30th.  That is the day I will be emptying out.  I may have to go to the part as a roll of toilet paper.  Linda's is scheduled for the next week.

Well, the Chiefs play Cleveland Browns at Kansas City.  We are hoping for them to go to 8 and 0.  They have far outpaced last year's record with only two wins.  Go Chiefs!!!!

Our friends David and Christa and Butch and Blondi got here.  All six of us went out for breakfast this morning.  It is going to be a good winter.

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