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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

2014--2-11 - One day of beautiful weather

Yesterday was a beautiful day.  It was mid eighties and sunny.  About 6:00 pm the cold weather blew in and the temperatures plummeted to the 50s and today it is going to be in the low 40s but will start  upward again tomorrow.

Here are some pictures from yesterday.

Old Glory

The bridge going to the main island

One of the smaller islands

Bill working on park equipment

Old Glory from across the lake

The main island from the back side

Some of the oranges from our tree

This is water being pumped from the canal into the lake

There were a lot of people enjoying the pool

Sunday afternoon we had a wine tasting.  Lots of different wines and cheese and crackers.

Lots of wine
Some of the people
The park manager, Mary, was having a good time
I was having a good time also.

Then last night twelve of us went to Cheddars for Roy and Ruby's anniversary.

Ruby, Roy, Dave, and Christa
Joe and Lilly
Linda, Rob (acting like a teenager), Carolyn, Butch, and Blondi

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