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Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Last night Linda and I went to the pot luck at the club house.  There were about 23 people there.  There are some good cooks in the park.  Linda and two others brought mac and cheese.  Lots of deserts which I partook of.  And of course veggie things which I did not partake of.  I had chicken, deviled egg (fits me doesn't it?), pickles, mac and cheese and lots of deserts.  WOW  What a sugar rush.

After the pot luck some left and new ones came for BINGO.  I split one game with another person and got $1.10.  Linda didn't win  any games.  We each got two cards for $1.00 so came out 90 cents behind.  Pretty cheap entertainment.

After bingo we played "nickle nickle" which was a new card game for Linda and I.  We each had to put in one quarter and twelve nickles.  I ended up winning 14 nickles and Linda won seven quarters and 14 nickles.  That made us win a total of $1.95 so we came out five cent winners for the evening.  We didn't get home until 10:00. 

All in all it was a good evening.  It was a good opportunity to meet many of our new neighbors.

Today it is freezing down here.  We have been in the lower 50s all day.  No shorts today.  Tomorrow it is suppose to get up to 61 so I will go to short sleeves but still no shorts.

I just got back from the club house where I was working on a couple of jigsaw puzzles and the motor home stinks.  Linda is making vegetable soup.  I will be having something else for supper.  :)

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