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Thursday, December 15, 2011


Linda and I have been offered the job as managers of Holiday Village for six months each year.  That way the current manager could have some time off. 

It would be around 25 hours a week with our site being free and approximately $750 every two weeks.  Linda and I would share the duties (not difficult).  Right now it looks like we will be accepting at least for a few years. We would work Monday through Friday with the weekends off.  We will let her know before January 1.  If we take it, we will work through April so she and her husband can go home and visit family in New Jersey in April.

This morning I worked in the office with her learning the campground software.  It will not be any problem.  Linda worked yesterday morning and this afternoon.  Our hours would be 9 or 9:30 until 11:30 and then 1:30 until 4:00. 

Heck, we get paid and get to say for free.  You can't beat that.

Sunday the manager is taking us with her to Progreso Mexico.  Hopefully we will get some gifts for the grand kids and have a good meal with drinks.  I want to eat at one of the street stands.  Linda won't so I will have to save room for the restaurant. 

My eat rash is going away.  The temperature was only 81 today. 

We still plan on heading towards home early Monday morning with a stop just north of Dallas and then on in on Tuesday weather permitting.

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