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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Another trip to Mexico

I got up this morning at 5:30 and took my walk then had coffee with the guys at the clubhouse.  Went home and woke Linda up.

We went to breakfast and then  took another trip to Progreso, Mexico.  I went to the dentist and had my upper dentures relined.  What would have cost $200 or more and taken two days back home cost $50 and was done in about 45 minutes.  They fit really well now.  I will probably get a new denture made next winter.  As of now the cost is $150 and a couple of visits.

It was very interesting.  My dentist was female which was fine by me and the only two English words I could understand were "open" and "byte".  Her assistant was very fluent in English.  The room where the work was done had very modern equipment and was very clean.

If you are interested, here is a link to her web page.  Dr. Vazquez

I found this to be very interesting also.  Progreso Dentists

We bought some more medications and went to a department store called the Canada Store.  I got a leather belt for $13 and a eel skin billfold for for $18.  Linda got a really cute coin purse that looks like a baby's shoe and then we bought some other items.

We ate lunch at "The Red Snapper".  The food was very good.

After walking two to three miles in Mexico we are now home and resting for the night.  The temperature outside right now is 88 degrees.

Tomorrow and Saturday our park is having a garage sale.  So when I take my walk in the morning I will have a lot of stops to make.  We don't have anything to sell and I don't know of anything I want but I will look.

Have a good day.

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