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Monday, February 27, 2012

Last Trip to Mexico

We made our last trip to Mexico yesterday.  Bought some more prescriptions and some other little things.  I had a rum and coke and was not sure where the coke was.  Very good.

Today we interview for a workamping job at a different RV Park in Mission, Texas for next year.  It would be October thru part of April.  Our lot rent, water, sewer, trash, and ELECTRIC would be taken care for 12 hours a week for me and 12 hours a week for Linda.  All we would have to pay for is what propane we used which would be very little since with them paying electric we can use electric heaters.  That means more money to spend in Mexico.

I have started packing things up.  We are excited for the next adventure as we enter new territory.

I heard today about a young man (39 I think) that just passed away from cancer.  We are so glad that we retired and can enjoy ourselves after working all those years. 

Today started out at 65 and finally got up to 82 and humid.  The air is running.  As soon as the sun goes down we will shut off the air and open the door until we go to bed.  We really like the weather here.

That's it for now.

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