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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

When it is hot outside, what to do.

Temperature was 103 and we didn't want to spend another day inside so what to do?

We went to the feed store and bought another 50 lb bag of bird food, bought a watermellon at WalMart and put it in the cooler.  Went to the ice machine and paid $1.50 for 20# of ice.  Ate lunch at a place called Lake House Restaurant.  I had the catfish filets and Linda had the meat loaf.  Bother were very good.

Then we went to the movie theatre and saw "Prometheus".  It is a sci-fi movie and was pretty entertaining.  Again, the popcorn was excellent and the Diet Coke was good.

Came home and fed the fish.  I am now regularly seeing five catfish and one turtle along with all the blue gill.  I start to walk up to the bank and here they come.  Didn't see the deer today.

I put the main awning out and tied it down for a little more shade.  It helped a bunch.

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