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Sunday, May 19, 2013

5-19-2013 - Our Weekend on Duty

This was our weekend to work the visitor's center.  Due to all the budget cuts (thanks Mr. President and Congress) the cleaning lady was laid-off.  So we now clean the restrooms in the visitor center.  It is not a big deal. 
We thought we would be doing it when we came here.

Saturday Linda manned the visitor center while I mowed grass for about 4 1/2 hours.  Then I washed three of their trucks.  They have a very good power washer and I was not hard at all.  I then took over for Linda so she could go fix us some lunch and bring it over. 

Every Saturday and Sunday we show a movie and we had ten people show up on Saturday.  It was about ice.  Today we showed a movie about insects and had one lady here.  She normally comes every Saturday and Sunday.  She is a very nice lady.

Today Linda finished cleaning the bathrooms and we both did some vacuuming in the offices and emptied trash cans.  We don't know if we are suppose to clean the offices, but thought they would not mind.

Also, Linda gave me a haircut this morning.  That is like making money.  Every time she cuts it, we save money.  She is not excellent yet, but it is good enough that I am not ashamed to go out in public.  I am very happy with the job she does.

We have to got back to Keytesville tomorrow and have her fingerprinted again.  For some reason hers did not come out.  We will drive Obama's Explorer again and go to jail. 

Also Precious goes to town tomorrow to get a haircut.  She does not like the heat and humidity so we are getting it cut real short.  We got a tick collar in the mail today for her and will put it on after her haircut.  I might buy one for Linda since she seems to get them on her also.  If it works for Precious and Linda (joking) I might have to get one for my son Duane.  He is like a magnet for ticks also.

That's it for now.

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