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Monday, May 20, 2013

5/20/2013 - Another Trip to Jail

We drove back to Keytesville today so Linda could get her finger prints taken again.  Mine took just fine but for some reason hers did not.  I am starting to wonder if there is something in her backround that I don't know about after 44 years of marriage.  They took two sets to make sure.

Here is the jail.

This area grows and sells a lot of pecans and we came across this one on our way home.

The place where this is closed.  It looks like it use to be a really nice gift shop.  But that is how things go.

Precious went to the doggy beauty shop today (Bubbles and Bows).  She has pouted ever since we picked her up.  She is acting like a spoiled little brat.  She looks good and they said when they gave her her bath that she did not have any ticks.  That is better than Linda.  I took one off of her tonight.  She is starting to hate Missouri.  LOL

Have a good evening all.

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