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Thursday, May 16, 2013

5/17/2013 - Road Trip

First, here is a picture Linda took yesterday.  This was a small group of pelicans.  There were several larger groups but they were to far away for our camera.

Today we took a road trip to Columbia, Missouri.  When we first got married in 1968 we lived in Columbia for a little over a year.  That was 45 years ago.

Here is the trailer we lived in  when we first moved there.  Believe me when I say it looked a lot better 45 years ago.

Linda and I and the twins lived there for about four or five months.  To you youngsters out there, it did not have A/C.  Before I brought Linda down I had bought here a brand new television.  It was a 19 inch black and white TV and we could only get two channels.  There was no such thing as cable or satellite.  You watched what you could get with an antenna.

Next we moved to this two bedroom house.

Someone has done a lot of work on this place.  It did not look near this good when we lived there.

We got home sick after about a year and I got a job in St. Joseph and we moved back.

Today we had lunch at  White Castle.  Both of us ordered the #1 which was four hamburgers, a small fry, and a small drink.  It was good, but we should have gotten the cheeseburgers. 

We had a very nice outing and really enjoyed ourselves.

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