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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Gladys Porter Zoo

Yesterday we drove to Brownsville, Texas and went to the Gladys Porter Zoo.  It was "Winter Texan Day" which we are.  You had to have an out of state ID.  The normal $8.00 for seniors was just $4.50 for any Winter Texan.

What a great zoo.  I love zoos and this is one of the best I have been to.  Linda totally agrees.  We had a great day.

Can you say DORK?

The first animals we saw were the gorillas.  They had at least eight of them in there.  We are use to seeing three or four.

I thought the flamingos were very pretty, but my wonderful wife is prettier.
Here are some more of the animals we saw.

We could not see all the tigers but there were at least eight or nine of them.

They had seven giraffes.  You could pay $3.00 and get you picture taken feeding them.  We just took pictures.  Can you say cheap (or is it frugal?).
These were pigmy hippos.  We had never seen them before, but really prefer the full grown hippos.

Above were tortoises and below are turtles.  On the tortoises the first one is twice as big as the second one.
.The next two pictures are in the aviary.

Everyone has taken a picture of the beautiful peacock.
But only yours truly will also take a picture of the butt of a peacock.

And the kangaroo.
And last but not least the side and rear of the zebras.
We probably won't go back this year since we only have less than a month here, but when we are in the area again we will go back.  

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